Yamamoto’s Waves

A billowing silk dress with a bamboo crinoline hangs over a lake in the middle of a former power station. The dress' reflection, distorted by a boat's oar, depicts something ethereal, something other, something that though once a wedding dress, here becomes genderless. Those who experienced Yohji Making Waves at the Wapping Project, part of a London-wide commemoration of Yamamoto’s 30 years in Europe, were invariably humbled.

Through ambitious installations that merge performance, sculpture and sound art, Jennie C. Jones challenges her audience to consider the act of listening as something other than a passive pursuit.

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Laced with Rabindranath Tagore quotes and boasting beautifully restrained soundscapes, Dreams of India also pays homage to radio drama’s past through tightly constructed and suspenseful storytelling.

Dreams of India

Excerpted from a 4-channel sound installation, Stephen Vitiello’s Dowsing departs from his famed outdoor recordings as a haunting exploration of indoor acoustic atmosphere.


Containing all the elements of a story, Joe Frawley's sound work offers up a stratified melange of sonic signifiers for the listener to slide around in, free to shop for, and curate their own meaning from his collection.

In Paradisium