Excerpted from a 4-channel sound installation, Stephen Vitiello’s Dowsing departs from his famed outdoor recordings as a haunting exploration of indoor acoustic atmosphere.

Stopover Bangkok

Bangkok is a symbolic half-way point in the long, cross-continental journey between Europe and Australia. Stopover Bangkok attempts to capture the experience of displacement through weaving together layers of sound, interaction, and observation.

Sonic Shadows

Sonic Shadows, sound artist Bill Fontana's latest work, brings the innermost component of MoMa in San Francisco, the boiler room, into its most public space, the exhibition hall.

Chorus of Refuge

Chorus of Refuge is a sound installation for six radios in which the stories of six refugee populations (Somali Bantu, Burundi, Afghani, Sudanese, Iraqi and Burmese) from six different cites across the United States.

Jennie C. Jones

Jennie C. Jones’ Counterpoint revisits San Francisco’s important role in Jazz by focusing on a legendary performance of John Lewis and the Modern Jazz Quartet at the Blackhawk Jazz club.


Sweetgrass, a sublime documentary which follows the lives of a group of cowboys as they lead their sheep to their summer pasture in the mountains of Montana, has been called “astonishingly beautiful”.

Guantanamo Express

Guantánamo Express is first a portrait of Jesús Ávila Gainza and his brother Julio. It was fabricated from the sounds artist Aaron Ximm recorded around them: the sounds of their lives.


Proof is a piece inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge (1830—1904), an eccentric English photographer, known primarily for his work with use of multiple cameras to capture motion.

Paul Hayes

San Francisco artist Paul Hayes’ installations seek to redirect the single dimensional view of a traditionally overlooked material, paper, by discovering what it can achieve sculpturally.

Listening Post

Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public forums.

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