Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four

Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive is a series of events that blurs the line between performance and artifact.

Vito Goes to the Dentist

In 2003, radio artist DinahBird decided to record her trip to the dentist with a binaural mic and later mixed it with a 1977 Vito Acconci recording titled “Ten Packed Minutes.” 

Big Deal and Blow Up

In their show Big Deal & Blow Up, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts focuses on large-scale sculpture in an attempt to understand our relationship to large art pieces in confined spaces.

Untitled #2

Untitled # 2 is part of the After The Crash Project, presenting a 4 minute sound piece created from 600 minutes of interviews with many whom were laid off in the last year.

The Muni Section

The Muni Section grew out of the site-specific piece Metrodaeimonium, which is a portrait of downtown San Francisco. The Muni Section focuses on the City’s unique public transportation system.

Unheard Zurich

Through interviews and field recordings, Artist Jason Kahn explores the presence and perception of sound as an influential factor of a city’s identity in his piece, Unheard Zurich.

Marc Horowitz

While artist Marc Horowitz was working on a photoshoot for Crate & Barrel, he wrote "dinner w/ marc 510-872-7326,” on a dry erase board featured in a photo from the home office scene as a social experiment.


EEEbyGUM waxes doleful on soundcraft as folk art and stands for Ear Enlightenment Everywhere but yet General Unresponsiveness Manifest.

I am Kurious Orange

Curator and artist Anne Colvin shares her thoughts on her most recent exhibition, I Am Kurious Orange, exploring the immediacy of work, sense of collaboration, element of movement and the strength of performance.

Roxy Paine

Roxy Paine is an artist based in NY. His most recent work was on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a massive piece titled Maelstrom.

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