The Garden Wins an Award
Tania Ketenjian, 16 May 2011

We’re very excited that a feature from this edition of The [Un]Observed, The Garden by Third Ear’s Tim Hinman, has won the prestigious Grand Prix Marulic International Radio Documentary Competition on Saturday in Croatia. [read more…]

Go for it!
Tania Ketenjian, 5 May 2011

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is back, inviting all audio and non-audio folks out there to compete for their 11th annual Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition! Many of the works that have won this award have represented new and dynamic ways of creating sound and telling stories. [read more…]

Percy Grainger
Philip Wood, 11 April 2011

Part of this week’s BBC Radio 4 Front Row concerns early 20th century composer and pianist Percy Grainger. Grainger’s iconoclastic approach to the piano faintly anticipated the upheavals that modern music would experience in the middle of the century. As early as 1899, he was working with “beatless music,” using metric successions [read more…]

Tony Barrell
Tania Ketenjian, 8 April 2011

It’s extraordinary how much radio can touch people’s lives. Tony Barrell is one of those rare and brilliant producers who leaves an indelible mark on your psyche. [read more…]

Terrestrial Landings
Tania Ketenjian, 7 April 2011

We have been asked by several stations here, in NY and in Australia if we would be willing to go terrestrial so to speak and play parts of The [Un]Observed on various radio stations. It’s exciting to think that there can be such a fluid transition from an on-line space to the airwaves. Keep your ear to the blog as we let more information out about what stations will be playing the work of our amazing contributors.

The First [Un]Observed Object
Tania Ketenjian, 7 April 2011

Sound is an ephemeral medium so in an attempt to both highlight and contradict that, we recently made our very first [Un]Observed object: The Audio Blocky. A collaboration between The [Un]Observed and OHIO, the Audio Blocky is a seat, made out of wood, within which a USB is embedded. The USB has material from The [Un]Observed, so you can plug in your laptop or stereo into the blocky and play sound. We’re excited about these and invite you to literally sit down and take a listen.

Exercises in Style
Maya de Paula Hanika, 21 February 2011

We can’t stop listening to the Junior Aspirin Radio Session podcasts. The independant UK label has released experimental work from artists like Bob Parks, Sue Tompkins and Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey, and have curated audio events at the Centre Pompidou and the ICA. They broadcast in a charmingly sporadic manner, so subscribe now and cross your fingers. [read more…]

Sound Wins Turner
Tania Ketenjian, 21 February 2011

For the first time ever, the Turner Prize, the UK’s most prestigious award for a contemporary artist, has been awarded to a work produced in sound. The artist is sculptor/sound artist Susan Phillipsz, and her piece, Lowlands, was chosen by the 2010 Tate Modern panel from four semi-finalists, including the film artists Otolith Group and painter Angela de la Cruz. Lowlands presents three versions of a folk song, Lowlands Away, that tells the story of a man who returns to tell his lover of his death after drowning at sea. [read more…]

Bill Fontana
Philip Wood, 17 February 2011

Had to share this beautiful image of Bill Fontana’s piece Speeds of Time, a musical deconstruction of the mechanism and bells of Big Ben in London’s Houses of Parliament. Fontana’s personal site,  Resoundings, deserves a long look, as does his artist’s page at the impressively slick webhome of Haunch of Venison. Listen to Fontana speak with our own Tania Ketenjian about the very literal inner workings of SFMOMA here.

Our Blog

Welcome to The [Un]Observed blog. We’re excited that you’re here. Within these pages you will discover the minds behind The [Un]Observed: what we find interesting, what we love, and what we are skeptical of. You’ll find interviews with people who engage with all kinds of sound in genre-bending ways, reviews of new audio work, and in-depth looks at issues raised by pieces on our main site. Above all, this is a space to explore sound—in all its elemental, sociological, and artistic manifestations.

7 September 2011
Issue 09

After some creative strategy brainstorming over here at HQ we have decided to take a new direction with our next issue.

Issue 09 will be the first in a continuing series of themed issues of The [Un]Observed. With this focus we aim to challenge our curatorial style, to continue to forefront the work of a growing number of artists and producers, whilst allowing The [Un]Observed to realize itself more fully as a publication.

The first issue takes the theme of Borders. We are already over the moon about the works we have lined up and can’t wait to share them with you.

7 September 2011
The [Un]Observed: Live

After the success of our last event at OHIO in March, we’re going for round two.

We’re hoping to add a performance element to the lineup, showcasing the talents of some amazing local artists, in addition to our selections from the magazine.

We are committed to maintaining our goal of clearing a space for creative thinkers and audiophiles to meet and mingle and listen. Stay tuned for details.

5 May 2011
Get Your Audio On (with food)

Francesca Panetta was in town and to celebrate, we decided we would have an audiofile party, a chance for people who love sound to geek out for the evening over delicious food. So a little over a week ago, we got together, at tart made by Philip, and talked shop with Andrew Roth, Ben Furstenberg, Aaron Ximm, Roman Mars, Amy Standen and Jeremiah Moore. We realized how fun it was and hope to have more audio parties in the future…

5 May 2011
We’re going Terrestrial…Again!

In less than two weeks, The [Un]Observed will have its debut on WGXC in New York, the radio station for the brilliant Free103point9 which presents some of the best transmission arts around. We’ll be launching our show with new work from the upcoming edition. On deck will also be the remarkable Gregory Whitehead who has been an inspiration for many on how to make great audio. Stay tuned on May 14th for The [Un]Observed on WGXC.


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