Film Weekly Podcast: Frederick Wiseman’s World

Frederick Wiseman’s most recent documentary, Boxing Gym, tackles the common Wiseman theme of violence through exploring the controlled ethics that govern Lord’s Gym in Texas. 


Night explores the storied promise of nighttime in one of London’s most diverse—and dangerous—boroughs. It is part of the award winning podcast series, The Hackney Podcast.

Still Points, Turning Worlds

Still Points, Turning Worlds, a composed radio feature from producer Alan Hall, seeks to find a road out of the dense and incessant stimulus of the digital world and provide an alternative, slower pace to modern hyperactivity

Where Are You Really From

This piece tells the remarkable story of Tim Brannigan, the unknowing product of an affair between a white woman and black man, as he comes of age during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The Garden

The boundary between truth and fiction can be blurry. Producer Tim Hinman searches for a ‘true’ story in the absence of fact with The Garden, combining history and memory with a healthy dose of aestheticism.

The Night Air

The Night Air is a weekly show on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Each week, the producers choose a theme, find some of their favorite pieces appropriate to it, and then remix each piece using their signature eclectic sensibilities.

The [Un]Observed Launch

Thank you to everyone who came to the official launch of The [Un]Observed, announcing our collaboration with the Guardian, and celebrating the first in a series of listening events. It was such a lovely night and we felt honored to have you all there.

If you missed the audio portion, press play below and you can hear what you missed.

The Trouble With Rick

A radiophonic exploration and impressionistic interpretation of how the world spoke to Rick, who suffers from superior canal dehiscence syndrome.

Listening to Jamie

Producer Hugh Levinson discovered the sporadic gurgles, thumps, buzzing, and whimpers of his sleeping newborn and was inspired to capture the sounds in this audio collage with music, poetry, and journal entries.

Food Safety Enhancement

Food Safety Enhancement is a sound piece, a soundpoem of sorts, by sound artist Jeremiah Moore, commissioned by dancer/choreographer Rowena Richie about people, and food politics.

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