Yamamoto’s Waves

A billowing silk dress with a bamboo crinoline hangs over a lake in the middle of a former power station. The dress' reflection, distorted by a boat's oar, depicts something ethereal, something other.

Belle Lettres

Belle Lettres, or Beautiful Letters in French, at the SF MoMA presents the work of several prestigious graphic designers including Jennifer Morla of Morla Design and Jack Stauffacher.

Yoko Woodson

Lords of the Samurai illustrates the breadth of the samurai presenting what is widely unknown about them, such as how the learning of poetry, philosophy, culture and love were integral.

Maya Lin

Artist and architect Maya Lin is one of America's most important artists working today. Her latest memorial, What is Missing?, brings her back to her initial interest: animals and their survival.

Henry Urbach

For centuries the discussion around art, design, architecture and the human body has been explored and the conversation continues at the exhibition Sensate: Bodies and Design at the SF MoMA.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood, the well known fashion designer who has changed the face of design over the last 40 years, shocked the world with her punk aesthetic.

As Long As It Lasts

In As Long As It Lasts, a pop-up tattoo parlor at 2007’s Art Basel Miami Beach, designer Tobias Wong along with curator Josee LePage and journalist Aric Chen wanted to see how far people would go to get branded.


Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton, founding member of the infamous and groundbreaking British architectural group Archigram, speaks about the ways in which he sees the world and how we can do the same.