Viva Riva!

Congolese filmmaker Djo Tunda Wa Munga’s debut film Viva Riva! paints the waterfront capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, as a fervid saturation of color and sound, intense with nightclubs, music and corruption. 

Bill Cunningham New York

Legendary photographer Bill Cunningham, who has observed New York City for 40 years, is the subject of discussion in Richard Press’s and Philip Gefter’s tender documentary, Bill Cunningham New York.

Medicine For Melancholy

A couple of young African-Americans explore difficult issues of race, class, and romance in San Francisco following a night together. Their eloquent discussion is the focus of Barry Jenkins’s powerful feature, Medicine For Melancholy.

Mike Judge

Multimedia hyphenate Mike Judge, who has created some of the most beloved films and television shows in comedy, discusses his approach to generating success without the sacrifice of a unique, satirical pitch.


Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, whose life has long been the subject of public controversy, is the subject of discussion in James Toback’s fascinating and revelatory documentary, Tyson.


From 1975 to 2000, Lebanon was engaged in a brutal Civil War. In 1982, Israel became involved and countless casualties followed leaving scars on many soldiers. Filmmaker Samuel Maoz illustrates these in his award winning film, Lebanon.

Joan Rivers

In A Piece of Work, we see the tour de force comedienne Joan Rivers as she traverses the great challenges of being a performer. The film has been hailed as “riveting”, “hilarious” and “unsettling”.

Tiny Furniture

Filmmaker Lena Dunham, 24 years old, illustrates the challenge of post college angst in her latest film Tiny Furniture which she wrote, directed and starred in.


Marwencol tells the story of Mark Hogancamp, the victim of a beating that erased much of his memory and motor function, who builds a model-scale World War II-era town to recall his place in the world.

Wavy Gravy

Well-known for his poetry, clownery, social activism, and philanthropy, Wavy Gravy transcends each of these fields. Instead, he embodies his own distinct brand of benevolent life force, making him a true caretaker of the eclectic spirit of the Sixties in the modern world.

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