Wim Wenders

Director of such films as Paris, Texas, and the Oscar-nominated documentary Buena Vista Social Club, Wim Wenders’ latest film is Palermo Shooting. It looks at the value of life and the importance of being happy with what is.

Steven Soderbergh

Academy Award winning director for the film Traffic and nominated for his film Erin Brockovich, Steven Soderbergh’s new film, Che, is an epic about the revolutionary who freed Cuba from a dictatorship.

Atom Egoyan

Atom Egoyan is an Armenian filmmaker and his films often show a process of sifting through stories, memories and history to come to a present understanding of a present condition. Adoration continues in the same vein.


Winner of The Stranger’s 2008 Genius Award in filmmaking, filmmaker Lynn Shelton’s new film, Humpday, explores the relationship and boundaries between two male friends and their decision to make a pornographic film together.

My Kid Could Paint That

A sensation at Sundance and hailed as "the best documentary of this or any other year”, filmmaker Amir Bar Lev’s My Kid Could Paint That tells the story of a seeming prodigy painter whose talents were later put into question.

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman

Award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Fox’s Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman takes viewers on a trip to NY, South Africa, Germany, England, Pakistan, India and 12 other countries, inviting them into the intimate inhabited by the women she meets.

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