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Through ambitious installations that merge performance, sculpture and sound art, Jennie C. Jones challenges her audience to consider the act of listening as something other than a passive pursuit.

In Paradisium

Containing all the elements of a story, Joe Frawley's sound work offers up a stratified melange of sonic signifiers for the listener to slide around in, free to shop for, and curate their own meaning from his collection.

The Conversation

“The Conversation” is a track from Marina Rosenfeld's album Plastic Materials. The piano played in this piece acts as the structure to a song that is a blanket of soft, amorphic sounds.


Untitled is inspired by the recordings of the strange garbled fuzz between channels on a short wave radio, where occasionally a Chinese or Russian or Arabic word would pop out.

Valleys Of Neptune

The Valleys of Neptune tribute provides a glimpse into the musical genius of Jimi Hendrix and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at some "new" recordings by the man who forever changed the electric guitar.

If It Be Your Will

Norwegian radio documentary producer Kari Hesthamar spent three days with Leonard Cohen in Autumn 2005 where he looked back on a past where love has been a main theme.

Journey Into Afrobeat

Journey Into Afrobeat tells the story of how UK producer Glyn “Bigga” Bush discovered the music of Fela Kuti and the inspiration to make an album born from the sounds of 70s West Africa. 

David Ritz Gives the Best Advice of His Life

Marvin Gaye was deeply depressed when biographer and author David Ritz went to visit him in Europe. When they came together, something magical happened.

Christian McBride

Christian McBride, one of the most acclaimed bassists today and surely one of the youngest, has played with the leading jazz musicians and artists of our time such as Diana Krall and James Brown.

Ben Niles

Handmade seems outdated these days. When filmmaker Ben Niles read an article about the Steinway company making each of their pianos by hand, he had to film the process.

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