Dreams of India

Laced with Rabindranath Tagore quotes and boasting beautifully restrained soundscapes, Dreams of India also pays homage to radio drama’s past through tightly constructed and suspenseful storytelling.

New York Story

New York Story acts as an unexpected coming of age tale, the pursuit of things unknown to us until we find them in a place where our identity is still our own.

Eye Contact

Jonathan Mitchell’s piece Eye Contact, originally made in 2005 for Weekend America, explores the anxieties of coincidence and all the fears and awkwardness that can surround public interactions. 

The Truth: Moon Graffiti

“That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” We all know the quote, the triumphant story. It seems written in stone. Moon Grafitti imagines what it might have sounded like if things had gone a little differently.

Nine Parts of Desire

Heather Raffo’s  play 9 Parts of Desire reflects an eleven year journey interviewing Iraqi woman from all over the world. It reflects a range of experience and desire rarely seen.

Lisa Kron

OBIE award-winning writer/performer Lisa Kron's play simply titled Well is a one act show and it is a reflection of how a play is created, constructed, and deconstructed. It’s also about wellness, what it is to be well.

Golden Thread Productions

In the late 1990's, an Iranian Armenian playwright decided to open a theatre company in San Francisco that would create work that focused on the Middle East, "placing the Middle East center stage". Golden Thread Productions continues to thrive.